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Genuine Hand woven Moroccan rug- Black squares

Genuine Hand woven Moroccan rug- Black squares

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Moroccan rugs have been a popular choice for contemporary interiors for many years. Firstly for their quality but more so for their decorative merit. They have so many different designs and styles you really can create a truly unique space just by using a Moroccan rug. Their designs are usual irregular, abstract and subtle which allows these to work in a huge number of spaces. For me the textures and patterns of these rugs makes them a great piece to build a room around or add to finish a room off.

This example is the a stunning bold monochrome rug. That I feel would really lift a space. The size and colour way makes it very decorative and because the square's are not straight lines it does have a softer look.

320cm by 197cm not incl tassels 

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