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British made Selvedge rug - orange and browns

British made Selvedge rug - orange and browns

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These rugs are made entirely by hand in North England. They are made using the off cuts or Selvedge from large runs of material. These off cuts would have been simply sent to landfill if they weren't saved and turned into these beautiful rugs. 

I am a big supporter on sustainability and traditional crafts so when I heard about these rugs I knew I wanted to get involved. So I reached out and spoke to the business owner who explained the off cuts are from high end mills, including Harris Tweed and Abraham moon. So the quality is very high.

Each rug is totally unique as even if the same selvedge is used the way the pattern comes through when woven is totally different each time. 

This example is the largest we have had made from bold orange and browns that give it a fabulous presence in a large number of interiors. Thick pile and extremely soft. 

264cm x 175cm 

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