Seasonal Edit - Japandi

Seasonal Edit - Japandi

Throughout January and February, we will be dropping products on our website which will fit within the Interior Trend of Japandi

The fusion of the minimalist Scandinavian but adding the warmth element to create “Japandi” is popular design trend making its way into every home in 2022 and to continue even more so into 2023.

The minimalist Scandinavian design uses materials such as light woods including ash and beech and accessorising with textures such as wool and linen. Most scandi interiors have an understated minimalist appearance but adding muted and dark hues of colour to mimic the Nordic landscapes. The crossover of Scandi to Japandi happens when you start adding a warmth with pops of colour

Head across to our Japandi Blog to read more about how you can bring Japandi into your interior and visit the link on our website "Seasonal Edit" where you can browse all the products that fit perfectly into this design movement.

The products which we are launching in this edit will be the perfect combination of products which will be aesthetically pleasing for your interiors but will help ease you through the next two months.

January and February tend to provide us here in the UK with the winter blues as the weather is dreary, the nights are dark, and the Christmas celebrations are in the past. We thought it was only right to launch items which would be perfect for this time to give you a boost of happiness until spring arrives.

Self-Care is important and the best place to start is a long bath to soak away the bitterness beyond the front door. Run yourself a warm bath and sprinkle in some of our Bath Salts and emerge yourself into a therapeutic experience to warm you from within, take in the spa like aromas and relax.

January tends to see a lot of people taking part in “Dry January”. Why not create your own experience at home with choosing yourself one of our many gorgeous mugs and preparing yourself a warm drink to cosy up on the sofa with, wrapped up in a throw and finishing off them Christmas Chocolates.

We also have our Winter Sale running which will allow you to purchase some of our seasonal homewares discounted throughout this January.

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