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Japandi Blog

One of the upcoming interior trends for 2023.

The perfect contrast of Scandinavian and Japanese design.

The fusion of the minimalist Scandi interior but adding the warmth element to create “Japandi” is popular design trend making its way into every home in 2022 and to continue even more so into 2023.

The neutral palate and natural materials from each culture creates a simplistic, classic, and timeless interior. The Japandi interior is designed to bring a sense of calm and tranquillity using base colour such as beige, creams, browns and warm whites and adding pops of accent colours in woods, black, muted blues, pinks, and greens. The importance of sustainability and high-quality handmade materials is displayed throughout a Japandi interiors with furniture made from Ratan, Wicker, Woods of Walnut and Teak, Bamboo with seating upholstered in Linens, Cotton and Muslin creating a calming ambiance.

High Quality and Eco-Friendly aesthetics play a big part in accessorising a Japandi interior by sourcing homewares which handmade statement pieces made from woods, terracotta, and concretes to compliment the cosy feeling that the neutral background brings from the furniture.

Over the past couple of years, the Scandi design brought the term Hygge into circulation which in the Danish culture means to create a sense of wellbeing and contentment to which the Scandi design wanted to transport you into Hygge through interiors as your home should be place that feels safe and comfortable.  

The Japanese culture use the term Wabi Sabi which has a similar meaning to Hygge in creating a life that focuses on finding the beauty of life and accepting the natural growth and flow to create peace.

The two cultures work hand in hand to provide the ultimate interior environment.

The best place to start introducing a Japandi interior to your home is the bedroom, a room where you crave tranquillity and a sense of relaxation more than any other room in your home.  The minimalist clean approach to living will benefit the mind body and soul creating a Wabi Sabi life, the perfect sanctuary where you can switch of after a long day.

You can then transport Japandi styling throughout your home, into the living area, kitchen, and office spaces.


Will this style movement be making its way into your home?

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